A purpose, a colture, individuality, originality, creativity and a clear universal vision.
We strive on customizing your life through all of our many innovations while advancing the world one person at a time. Dirty Grinz is the proof that having a strong will, positive attitude, a clear vision, hard work ethic and just simply doing what you love takes you to heights you never dreamed of. This is a company designed for the people and we are graciously at your service.  Whether it’s apparel, sporting goods, accessories, art, technology, charity, or entertainment we stay true to you so you can stay true to yourselves.


This tells the story of a fallen king.  A young king stricken down by the worlds cruelty and deceitful nature of life, before he was able to take full hold of the kingdom and grasp his full worth.  He vowed to always stay true to the things that were closest to his heart and never give up on his dreams.  From then on he gave Dirty Grinz when facing adversity and skepticism knowing that if he only looked to God his birthright would be restored.

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